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Lord of the Fandoms 5

Here’s the fifth one for ya! Only a few more to go D:


Lord of the Fandoms 4

Here’s the fourth one.

“Oh my God! Denethor killed Kenny!”

Lord of the Fandoms 3

So, here’s the one that was meant for today. Enjoy, and I dare you NOT to laugh at the very first picture.

Lord of the Fandoms 1

This is the first in a series of epic comics I found on deviantART. Hope you guys find them just as hilarious as I did


Don’t think that because I’m making a math joke that I like math. I don’t. I hate it more thann Sauron loves power. But this is the warning math teachers should be giving anyone thinking of taking a math class. They’re virtually impossible to pass, unless you’re lucky.


Okay, I have now figured out how to put photos on this thing, so now you’ll actually be able to see my jokes right here on the blog. This is a redo of the Gandalf license plate. I still haven’t found on that says “Sauron” yet.