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Lord of the Fandoms 5

Here’s the fifth one for ya! Only a few more to go D:


Lord of the Fandoms 4

Here’s the fourth one.

“Oh my God! Denethor killed Kenny!”

Lord of the Fandoms 3

So, here’s the one that was meant for today. Enjoy, and I dare you NOT to laugh at the very first picture.

Lord of the Fandoms 2

As promised, I’m back with more Lord of the Fandoms. This should have been up yesterday, but WordPress was being a butt, so It’s being posted today. I’ll still post the one meant for today, don’t worry. It just means you get double the laughs today.

Lord of the Fandoms 1

This is the first in a series of epic comics I found on deviantART. Hope you guys find them just as hilarious as I did

The Second Age

Wow. That is SO ORIGINAL, Gil’galad.

The other two elves are showing off their rings, Isildur is mooning him, and Elendil’s giving him the royal finger.

Sauron is mega-POed


Because not even Dark Lords (or their identical twins) can resist the epicness of Oreos.

Fail, Sauron.

Looks like our dear Dark Lord needs to reread his script.