This is a redo of my second post. The one where this is what Sauron looks like in “the Hobbit. Peter Jackson, you failed EPICALLY with this. I mean, he’s wearin’ a flippin’ DRESS!! Sauron should NOT, I repeat, NOT be wearing a dress as the Necromancer. Why? Well, number one, he’s too freakin’ awesome, and number two, he’s a DUDE, not a chick! Plus, no great, self respecting villain cross dresses. That’s just not right.

So, sorry PJ, but as much as I ADORED your Sauron in FOTR, I have to call this an epic fail on your designer’s part. My suggestion? Well, the FOTR version not only looked amazing, but you could tell Sauron was DEFINITELY a guy there. Here, I’m not so sure

By the way, this Sauron isn’t at all intimdating like the FOTR one was.