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If the One Ring could read its own story.

Looks like it read all the way to the end of ROTK.



Face it, Voldemort. You’re a nose-less old creeper in a bathrobe who waves a stick around while spouting gibberish and hoping it kills people.

Sauron, you’re the most badass Dark Lord there is. You pretty much INVENTED the term Dark Lord. You’ve got an epic, intimidating outfit. You have actual powers that kill shit. You’re basically a god. And, most importantly, you have a nose under that helmet.

One Hula Hoop to Rule Them All

Sauron was bored. VERY bored.

Lord of the Fandoms 10

Last one! Hope you all enjoyed this series of posts.

Lord of the Fandoms 9

One more to go

Lord of the Fandoms 8

Two more left!

Lord of the Fandoms 7

Poor Sauron, lol

Lord of the Fandoms 6

Sixth one! Four left!

Lord of the Fandoms 5

Here’s the fifth one for ya! Only a few more to go D:

Lord of the Fandoms 4

Here’s the fourth one.

“Oh my God! Denethor killed Kenny!”